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The service which we provide needs invincible passion, which we have. We have the team who works not to complete but to make it creative.Our main focus is on creativity, innovation, quality, cost-effective, digital & fast delivery.


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About Us

Our dreams got incorporated in mid-2016 as Verdict Games Studios Pvt. Ltd., a game design and development company that allow us to coherently create visually fascinating and technically high caliber games.We have a team of young and highly incentivized professionals who design, develop, test and distribute astounding games. Through marvelous development practices and project management capabilities by the best of brains, we aim to reach the pinnacle of game development.

Who We Are

We are a circle of some creative innovators, artists, storytellers and game developers, who are building some awestruck games by applying gamification to it for diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, iOS and also for virtual & augmented reality, cross platform.

Our Philosophy

  • Only when employees feel valued,they can converge as a team, is an integral part of our ideology. As we believe that they are the basic building blocks of our building.
  • Share happiness with everybody.
  • Gain trust from the community.
  • Seek prosperity to achieve high technological dreams.

The corporate philosophy defines the ideal image of Verdict Games Studio and outlines management efforts and employee actions necessary to realize this ideal.The philosophy consists of a mission statement, code of ethics, corporate slogans and goal from ten years from now.

Mission Statement

We aim to contribute world with creatively entertaining games through our skills and wisdom.
We are guided by our vision of Verdict Games Studio as a truly international endeavor, and are working across national boundaries to improve relationships and entertain people throughout the world with our innovation and creation.

Code of ethics

To serve our customers through innovative and responsive games, taking advantage of our world leading technologies.
To provide challenges and opportunities to our employees, channeling their skills and fostering their creativity and individuality.
To identify the needs of the times and of the future and to use all of Verdict Games Studio resources to meet those needs by being versatile, responsive and dynamic.
To work together with our employees and contribute to the society in which we operate.
To manage our business from an international, perspective and to develop a strong presence throughout the world.
Corporate Slogan

“It’s the verdict of your dreams”

Verdict symbolizes the power of decision made after a lot of consideration in all manners. Whereas the dreams reflect the human to achieve their wish. Verdict Games team will make this dream come true after looking into all its aspect with enthusiasm and energy and takes the decision to create future of verdict Games Studio.

Goals for 10 years from now

  • Become a company that can propose global technologies in the field of gaming.
  • Become a globally reliable company where employees in each group company can work with enthusiasm.
  • Raise enough capital for the company that each individual’s needs are fulfilled and all our innovations can take place.
  • Become a company that inspires the future generation.
  • Become a company who with his weapon of creativity and innovation always stand in the eyes of gamers.
  • Become a company that can provide quality games that satisfy player needs and receive awards continuously.
  • Become a company that socially networks all players under a roof.

Our Skills

Our Game Development Skills With Experts ratio

  • Game Concept 100%

  • Game Art 80%

  • Game Designing 85%

  • Game Development 80%

  • Game Marketing 90%

Why Choose Us?

Note:- If you choose us, there happens an addition of an extra mile to ensure success.

Note:- If you choose us, there happens an addition of an extra mile to ensure success

Note:- If you choose us, there happens an addition of an extra mile to ensure success

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Creativity:  We call our self “Creative” because of our delirious mind and the disciplined eye which helps us show what others can’t see.


Innovation:We call our self “innovative” because we strongly believe that there is a better way of doing and we find it. We inject innovation in our product which tells our players that this was the thing you need.

Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction: We have a strong beliefs that our services in not what we put into but what you get out of it. It is just a faith on which you count us and we strengthen it. We don’t mean that you never have a problem. It’s just you can contact us when there is a problem.

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